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Live Wallpaper - Gate of Another World

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Live Wallpaper - Gate of Another World

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  • FullHD live wallpaper (1920x1080p / ratio 16:9)
  • 4K live wallpaper (3840x2160 / ratio 16:9) COMES AS AN ADDITION +€2
  • Mobile 2K live wallpaper (2560x1440 / ratio 9:16)
  • All of the videos are seamlessly looped and rendered in .MP4 format with a framerate of 30FPS.

Please note: All of the content is only meant for personal use. You CAN NOT sell or publicly post it on other websites or apps, regardless if monetary gain is intended or not.

In order to set up your live wallpapers, you'll need to use different software depending on your device and operating system. Here are some of the recommendations:

  • Windows & Android: Wallpaper Engine
  • iOS: Live Wallpapers for Me
  • MAC: Dynamic Wallpaper Engine

You can also search for similar software on the Internet, just use these keywords: "live wallpaper software" + [your operating system].

If you have any issues or additional questions regarding the item, please feel free to get in touch with me via my contact form:

In case you have problems with an already purchased item, you can simply reply to the purchase confirmation email.

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